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Slotted Angle Racks

Slotted Angle Racks


slotted Angle Racks designed from the Vertical Angles & Horizontal Shelves along with the Accessories made from the prime quality steel with today’s modern storage systems. The designed Slotted Angle Racks are flexible in nature, and can be adjusted in any form. The Racks are designed with three side closed, along with the centre partitions.

Our company is profoundly involved in designing world class Slotted Angle Racks, which are used for storing goods and materials. These are adjustable racks and the height of the shelves can be customized as per the suitability and requirement. Our Slotted Angle Racks are built from robust metal that provides stability and longevity to the product. These are corrosion resistant and come with stable base.

We offer slotted angles in 40x40mm, 60x40mm and 80x40mm with thickness ranging from 2mm to 3mm depending upon load bearing capacities. Due to very convenient combination of hole locations the systems can be easily configured to meet any storage demands.

We offer our clients a variety of slotted angle racks, which includes:

  • Slotted Angle Racks
  • Slotted Angle Open Type Racks
  • Slotted Angle Frame Racks
  • Slotted Angle 3 Side Closed Type Racks
  • Pigeon Hole Racks
  • Two-tier Racks
  • Three-Tier Racks
  • Hanging Type Racks